W:A Chat Snatch

Read & Share your chat logs easily!
In order to extract the game log from your replays, you must first locate a replay file you want (replays are saved in the \User\Games folder within the W:A folder). Then, make sure you've inserted the W:A CD or mounted its image, right-click on the wanted file and choose "Extract Log". A log file will be created with the same name as your replay file, and that is the file you need to select with this page's form.
Check if you want to extract normal (open) chat between the players.
Check if you want to extract team chat: group messages sent between the same team(F9 key chat).
Check if you want to extract Private Messages between the owner of this log and other players individually.

1. Extract the log file from Your W:A replay.

How to do this?

2. Find Your log file:

3. Choose what You want to extract:

4. Click this button to submit & Extract the chat log:

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